SMART-UP is a cross-European project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Through this 3-year project, partners in France, Italy, Malta, Spain and the UK will work to increase knowledge of and engagement with smart meters amongst 5000 vulnerable consumers.

Smart meters are the next generation of energy meters, able to provide information on energy usage directly to suppliers, leading to an end to estimated billing as well as providing the opportunity for the consumer to have greater understanding and control of their energy use behaviours.

The national deployment of smart meters is now either underway or imminent within the five countries represented through Smart Up. Although the mechanisms of the roll-out and the support offered to vulnerable consumers varies in each country, all share the common challenge of ensuring that these consumers achieve all the same benefits of smart metering as other consumers. It is clear that those who are able to understand and interpret the information available via smart meters and accompanying tools such as an In Home Display are more likely to achieve energy savings and also able to engage with new products and services that become available.

The aims of the project are;

  • To increase the active and effective use of smart meters and in-home displays (where fitted) by vulnerable consumers
  • To encourage vulnerable consumers to change their energy-related behaviours in response to improved feedback information
  • To enable vulnerable consumers to make significant energy savings, reduce their fuel bills and seize further opportunities that may be offered by demand-response services, such as time-varying tariffs, or direct load control.

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