Premium Light

Before the ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs, the consumer has seen a wide range of new bulbs hit the market. Unfortunately, this change has been accompanied by a significant lack of information, and there is still a lot of low quality bulbs on the market that have impacted negatively on the image of the LED and CFL technology. Therefore, consumers are immersed in a sea of ​​confusion trying to replace incandescent bulbs without any guidance or counseling, obtaining in many cases unsatisfactory results.

In addition, the outlets have seen how to sell a simple bulb has been complicated over time in an exponential manner. Not for sale itself, but by the amount of information necessary to know well the characteristics of the new bulbs. Before a simple form bulbs were sold since the market was more homogeneous. Now, suddenly, you should consider many characteristics (temperature, IRC, Luminance, Efficiency, Power, lifetime, etc.) which bewilder most sellers. For the same reason it is difficult for them to discern good providers with good material of others. This also applies to interior designers and architects.

The project objective is to attack Premium Light precisely these deficiencies, facilitating a transition to efficient lighting solutions with high quality for the domestic sector, while supporting the new legal instruments of the European Union.

The main activities of the project are:

To support EU labeling regulation and EU-Ecodesign for directional and non-directional bulbs, accompanied with effective services and information measures
Motivate consumers to buy and use high quality lighting providing information and tools to easily choose a selection of good products
Make easily visible and identifiable products of high quality lighting at points of sale
Increase the number of efficient lighting products with high quality in the distribution market
Help overcome the barriers of acceptance of LEDS
Give objective information on efficient lighting technologies through media

We are going to attack the following groups and stakeholders:

Final consumer
Manufacturers of luminaires and bulbs
Interior designers and kitchen and bathroom furniture
Public authorities, nonprofit organizations, consumer organizations, media, …

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