The non-profit sector and the Barcelona City Council united in the fight against fuel poverty

The Federation of Catalan Entities for Social Action and the Barcelona City Council have joined forces to launch an ambitious program that began with a double objective: in one hand, to fight against fuel poverty, and on the other hand, contribute to the employment of population unemployed long-term. The initiative is jointly coordinated by ABD, who is responsible for the operational side, and Ecoserveis, who has managed the whole training process and technical support to agents and energy informants.

The program includes the professional retraining of 100 people benefiting from the program – dedicated to the promotion of employment – with experience in the field of construction and public attention. These people, who as part of the program have received specific training, provided by Ecoserveis, on energy efficiency and fuel poverty, are responsible for reviewing the energy consumption of 5,000 homes in the city, in addition to diagnosing the situation home, taking into account the structural conditions, the expense and energy use. Once they have done the diagnosis, they made specific proposals for families in fuel poverty situation to facilitate their reduction of energy consumption household or reduce the amounts of bills. Furthermore, if necessary, this agents make small facilities with low cost energy efficiency materials that contribute to savings.

The project has lasted six months, has a total budget of 2.5 million euros and involves eight social organizations (Fundació Mercè Fontanilles, Ciutat i Valors, Fundació Salut i Comunitat, Àmbit Prevenció, Iniciatives Solidàries, Suara, Fundació Surt and ABD).