Carrega’t d’energia

Re-energize yourself to learn to use consciously and transformative the energy at home

Be aware of the energy required by our home and save it. For this goal the Barcelona City Council in March 2015 launched the campaign “Re-energize yourself” a project framed in the Plan self-sufficiency energy of the city which offers personalized information on energy use the home of each neighbor of Barcelona.

A virtual energy consumption adviser provides information based on data from the meter reading. Furthermore there is also the option to install a no-cost equipment which measures electricity consumption at home. In this way the user can have access to their consumption in real time. To enjoy this team should have a home internet connection and wi-fi and ask for it in through

As part of this campaign, the Barcelona City Council thought in the work Ecoserveis to carry out workshops to different neighborhoods and districts of the city. Since May 2015 we are developing training to residents on energy bills, energy habits at home, installation of renewable energy and to teach to do low cost interventions to save energy and improve comfort at home.

Workshops at the several Barcelona neibourhoods: