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TESSe2b Project – Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings is an EC financed H2020 four years project, that develop an integrated solution for residential building energy storage using solar and geothermal energy, with the purpose of correcting the mismatch that often occurs between the supply and demand of energy in residential buildings. TESSe2b […]

Carrega’t d’energia

Re-energize yourself to learn to use consciously and transformative the energy at home Be aware of the energy required by our home and save it. For this goal the Barcelona City Council in March 2015 launched the campaign “Re-energize yourself” a project framed in the Plan self-sufficiency energy of the city which offers personalized information […]

Fòrum de l’Energia Sostenible

Què són? Els Fòrums de l’Energia Sostenible tracten de l’ús sostenible de l’energia, l’ús dels productes i serveis que ens permeten utilitzar l’energia d’una forma eficient i neta, amb particular èmfasi a l’energia derivada de les fonts renovables i la que aprofita al màxim els recursos energètics, humans i econòmics locals. A quin públic s’adrecen? […]


Ekoenergy is an electrical label which NGOs of more than 40 countries guarantee that the electricity produced from renewable energy sources complies with sustainability and transparency. It is the electricity recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and a tool to increase the sustainability of power and establish strict criteria for monitoring and tracking of electricity […]


Meteo-Renovables is the Spanish version of EnergizAIR European project, a project that seeks to raise awareness about the real potential offered by renewable energy through the general media. Based on actual weather data, Meteo-Renovables shows the potential of solar thermal and solar photovoltaic and wind energy production in provincial capitals and regions of the state […]


The Pyrenees-Mediterranean Network for the efficient use of geothermal energy is a project that wants to share and pass on expertise in low temperature geothermal applied in Catalonia in the other regions of the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion, which also broad support for the initiative. More information:

Girona, 25 principal 08010 Barcelona +34 934 590 022 info[at]" @Ecoserveis FB Ecoserveis Linkedin Ecoserveis Català Español English