Green Trail Concept

Project name Green Trail Concept
01/01/2023 - 31/12/2025
Total budget: €400,000 in total, of which €115,035 are allocated to Ecoservices - Erasmus + Programs
  • Organizations active in the field of mountain and trail racing, social innovation, environmental protection and the fight against climate change
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Development of an EU sustainability certification system to improve governance and make it greener in sports organizations and outdoor sports racing federations


GreenTrailConcept seeks to (1) improve the governance of sporting events by incorporating environmentally, socially and ethically sustainable practices in the management of mountain running events, while (2) engaging event audiences in taking more sustainable actions and (3) integrating the principles of inclusion and social justice in the organization and management of events.

The project brings together 4 partners: Ecoserveis, the Kilian Jornet Private Foundation, GRID-Arendal and ADP eventos sportives AB. For the first objective, the project will develop and promote the use of a certification system to plan, analyze, monitor and evaluate the performance of organizations. The tool will not only assess the current situation, but provide guidance and advice to improve the overall sustainability of planned activities. In order to involve the public, a participation strategy will be drafted and a communication campaign dedicated to mountain racing fans, participants and their families will be carried out in order to increase awareness of the impact derived from their practices and to stimulate behavioral change through small individual actions.

GreenTrailConcept will be governed through the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic, promoting activities in order to integrate the races in the landscapes where they are carried out, encouraging and rewarding inclusion, gender equality and creating synergies with local communities and economies.

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Role of Ecoserveis

Project coordination.


GreenTrailConcept wants to develop and test a European framework that allows to incorporate the governance of environmental, social and ethical sustainability in mountain sports organizations and events.

At the same time, raise awareness among sports organizations, participants and the public about the effects of climate change on natural areas and how to improve sustainability in sports practice.

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