Project name CAF-acció
October 2016 - November 2017
Total budget: 27,800 €
  • Vulnerable groups with related problems
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Self-financed communities (CAF for the Spanish and Catalan name) are a community empowerment methodology that increases the resilience of communities, providing its members with tools such as practical financial education, encouragement of savings, a social network of trust and mutual aid, leadership, responsibility… The creation of CAF is especially important for newcomers from impoverished countries because of their lack of network contacts, the precarious economic situation in which they lived and the impossibility of accessing bank credit.

CAF not only helps solving short-term emergency situations, but also provides beneficiaries with a stable self-help network and a place to save and borrow for small needs. The tools provided by the CAF foster the capacity of the members to solve their daily problems and needs in a self-sufficient manner, thus helping them to become independent from social services and institutions.

The target groups of the project represent profiles with related problems and, therefore, they are susceptible to becoming a CAF. In addition, they have the support of social technicians from the local administrations, which makes it possible to test processes, gather information and contact community leaders, essential issues to make the project viable and reproducible.

The project also had the participation of the group “Pásame otro ladrillo”, which was responsible for carrying out interventions of average cost in 6 users that the project had detected and that required a deeper intervention in the housing. To do this, volunteers from “Pásame otro ladrillo” and those affected have been directly involved in the rehabilitation of their house. These interventions have had a budget of up to €600.

In addition, with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, a methodological guide has been published that gathers the experience acquired during the project.


  • To improve the energy efficiency of people at risk of social exclusion.
  • Reduce the cost of their bills.
  • Minimize their economic dependence on aid from the Administration or social entities.

Participation of Ecoserveis

The CAF-Acció project, coordinated by the entities ACAF and Ecoserveis, is articulated through computer actions, service-learning and accompaniments. It is aimed at immigrant associations, users of social entities and social services, and users of the women’s microcredit programme of the Fundació Servei Solidari in Barcelona.

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