Public information from the non-profit association Ecoserveis, regulated by Law 4/2008 of 24th April, in the third book of the Catalan Civil Code, relating to legal entities and in compliance with the Law on Transparency (19/2014) with the aim of laying down the duties and obligations of Ecoserveis in promoting transparency, guaranteeing access to public information and establishing measures to ensure good and open governance.

The people who form part of this entity either have a professional relationship with it (there are currently thirteen employees and two collaborators) or form part of its governing body — there are currently six partners.

Any private individual and any legal entity may join us if they freely and voluntarily demonstrate their interest in the Association’s aims by sending a written request to the Governing Board at the e-mail address The Board will base its decision about the request on the Bylaws of Ecoserveis in its next meeting, and will communicate its decision to the first general meeting that follows.

The Association has no social base and no other type of connection that we have not mentioned. The volunteers connected with the entity are channelled through the Fuel Poverty Group enllaç, a project in which Ecoserveis works jointly with ABD enllaç and which can be contacted by means of the contact form of the FPG, which currently has 68 volunteers.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Energy Consultant
  • Communication Manager
  • Administration and Accounting

Board of Directors: the Chair, Secretariat and Board Members of Ecoserveis.

CEO: responsible for the entity’s decisions on strategy and policy, internal administration, implementation of strategies to achieve objectives, commercial activity.

Energy Consultant: responsible for the project management and execution, the drawing-up of budgets and commercial work. Prepares and executes technical content, seminars and interventions.

Communication Manager: responsible for the entity’s communication, both corporate and that which is connected with projects, project execution, the drawing-up of draft budgets, and commercial work.

Administration Manager: financial monitoring of the entity and its projects, control of invoicing and customer service.

The Bylaws of Ecoserveis stipulate that the body which governs, administers and represents the Association is the Board of Directors, which is empowered to:

  1. Represent, direct and administer the Association in the widest sense recognized by the law, and to implement the decisions taken by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the standards, instructions and directives laid down by that Meeting.
  2. Take all necessary steps to appear before public bodies, engage in any type of legal proceedings and bring the appropriate actions.
  3. Propose to the General Meeting the defence of the Association’s interests.
  4. Defend before the General Meeting the fixing of the fees which the Association’s members have to pay.
  5. Call the General Meetings and ensure that the resolutions that are adopted are complied with.
  6. Present the balance sheet and statement of accounts for each financial year, and also the budget for the next financial year for the approval of the General Meeting.
  7. Recruit employees on behalf of the Association.
  8. Inspect the accounts and ensure that the services are functioning normally.
  9. Set up work groups to achieve the Association’s aims in the most efficient and efficacious manner possible, and authorise the actions which those groups plan to carry out.

Consult the Bylaws

The entity’s General Meeting is held once every year, during June, during working hours.

Every week, during working hours, the work group holds project meetings, of which minutes are taken. The General Meeting is regularly informed about those of the decisions taken which are important for the entity, and whenever a proposal of projects is formulated or any incident affects any of the projects in progress.

President – Marta García i París (

She receives no remuneration for this function.

Start: 08/05/2018
To renew: 01/09/2021

She holds a degree in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, and has also completed a postgraduate course of European Studies at the University of Barcelona.

She has been working on energy poverty for 10 years, through communication, raising awareness, political advocacy, direct intervention, training and research. She works as an energy consultant at Ecoserveis and as a teacher at the Open University of Catalonia, imparting courses on the environment and energy.

She is a member of the European Commission’s Vulnerable Consumers Group. She has participated in various international projects in the field of energy poverty and has organised national sessions dealing with this subject. She is also a member of the Round Table against Energy Poverty and the Housing Emergency Group of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

She has worked as a technical expert for the European Economic and Social Committee and has contributed with technical reports on matters related to energy.

As a teacher she has organised and run workshops for children, youths and adults on climate change, energy and the environment, and has collaborated in the production of material for teaching about energy (exhibitions, guides and courses).

Secretary – Pep Puig i Boix (

He receives no remuneration for this function.

Start: 08/05/2018
To renew: 01/09/2021

Pep Puig i Boix. A Doctor in Industrial Engineering from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). He has been teaching at the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1979 (imparting courses on Energy Resources and on Energy and Society). He is a co-founder of Ecotecnia, a cooperative company that designs and constructs wind-energy equipment and installations, including equipment which received the EWEA’s Poul la Cour award in 2001.

He is the author of several books, papers and articles about energy, technology and the environment.

He was a Sustainable City Councillor at the Barcelona City Council from 1995 to 1999, when he led the process for the adoption of the Solar Ordinance, work which was awarded the 2001 European Solar Award.

He was President of the European network ‘Energie-Cités’ from 1997 until 2000. He was also the promoter of the local energy agency ‘BarnaGEL — Grup d’Energia Local’, which originated under the auspices of the European Commission’s SAVE programme. He is a member of the Group of Scientists and Technicians for a Non-Nuclear Future, which has been organising, every year since 1987, the Conferències Catalanes per un Futur Sense Nuclears i Energèticament Sostenible (Catalan Conferences for a Future with Sustainable Energy and without Nuclear Power Stations).

He is a co-founder and president of the Spanish section of EUROSOLAR, and vice-president of EUROSOLAR — the European Association for Renewable Energy. He is also a member of Els Verds — Alternativa Verda. He acts as spokesman for the Entesa Catalana per una Energia Neta i Renovable.

Vocal – Joaquim Corominas i Viñas (

He receives no remuneration for this function.

Start: 08/05/2018
To renew: 01/09/2021

Joaquim Corominas i Viñas, a Doctor in Engineering from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) and an MS Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He is one of the founders of Ecotecnia, a cooperative company that designs and constructs wind-energy equipment and installations, including equipment which received the EWEA’s Poul la Cour award in 2001.

He is a co-author of La Ruta de la Energía. He has coordinated and worked on various energy-related projects of the European Union.

He has participated as an expert in the energy area of ‘Ciudades para un futuro más sostenible: Primer catálogo español de buenas prácticas (‘Cities for a more sustainable future: first Spanish catalogue of good practice’) of the MOPTMA (the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, Transport and the Environment). He is a member of the Working Group on the modality of European Cooperation in the Fields of Education and Training in RES from UNESCO .

Since 1977 he has been a lecturer in various subjects at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Energy and Society, Energy and Territory, Energy and Alternative Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Automatic Control).

He has participated in Barcelona’s Improvement Plan for energy. He has advised the Catalonia Department for the Environment and Housing (DMAiH) and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona about energy-related subjects. He has organised and taken part in various seminars about energy (renewables, efficiency, policy…).

Ecoserveis uses OpenERP (Odoo), a complete system of business management (ERP), with open code and with no licence fee, and which covers the needs in the fields of: accounting and finances, sales, purchases, projects, CRM and the control of suppliers and clients.

Ecoserveis uses the European model of Timesheet to calculate the number of hours devoted to each project, and the European staff cost template for the internal monitoring of costs. In addition, support in the entity’s accounting and finances is given by GTL Consultants.

Annual Report 2020