Adhesions to Manifestos

2017. Platform gathering different stratus of the civil society aiming to promote self-consumption in Spain.

November 2019. Manifesto that condemns the purchase of influence in Brussels by the world’s 5 biggest oil and gas companies –BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total–, therefore hindering and undermining EU’s actions against the climate crisis.

December 2019. Counter-summit organized to give visibility to the movements and groups that suffer the impact of climate change the most and to empower those voices that did not have any representation at the COP25 hosted in Madrid in 2019.

2020. A community that works to accelerate the action to address climate change in different sectors of society and therefore reduce emissions.

March 2020. It’s a European coalition that includes unions, organizations against poverty, social housing providers, environmental organizations, health organizations and energy cooperatives, with the aim to collaboratively work on measures to face energy poverty.

April 2019. Demonstration held in Barcelona the 6th of April of 2019 to condemn the abuse of rental prices. It speaks out against the commodification of the fundamental right to housing.

Plataforma por la Descarbonización de la Calefacción y el Agua Caliente

March 2020. Founding manifesto. Platform for the decarbonization of heating and hot water. If Spain wants to meet its objectives of energy and greenhouse gasses reduction, it’s vital that buildings use less energy, and that said energy is decarbonized.