About us

We are a non-profit strategic innovation consultancy specialising in energy. Since 1992, we have been working to bring energy closer to society by promoting a fair and sustainable energy model. We identify society’s energy needs, provide solutions and build bridges between the public and technology, the market, research and innovation.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to design and deploy innovative measures to promote a more just and environmentally sustainable model for energy, both socially and economically, based on the efficient and shared use of renewable energy resources, as well as responding to the needs of society’s various participants.


The vision of Ecoserveis is to consolidate its position as a leader in energy culture and innovative energy solutions for all of society.


We feed off our experience and spark our creativity by exploring and launching new work models and methodologies, providing solutions for society’s current energy needs that will allow us to anticipate and face the challenges of the future.

We are driven by our goal of democratising access to energy and establishing fair, sustainable and accessible management for a well-informed, empowered and collaborative public. The success of this transition will require an insistence on the importance of not just the technological factor, but the social one too, when designing this energy model.

Our actions and services are based on the concept of balancing the planet’s resources with its capacity for regeneration. From a global point of view, we promote renewable energies and equal access to them through sustainable and efficient technologies that form part of our vision for a better world.

We believe in what we do and we work rigorously, precisely and efficiently. We are conscious of the responsibility that establishing a new energy model entails. Which is why we approach all our duties with ethics and professionalism, comparing and contrasting procedures and information.

We think and act as a team. We establish active connections and cooperatively synchronise our efforts as both individuals and as a company to generate the maximum return for the common good. We collaborate with entities from different sectors, disciplines and various geographical areas. By joining forces, we improve the capabilities and expand the scope of our actions.


Ecoserveis was created as a non-profit entity in 1992 in Barcelona. Its founders were Xavier Traver, Joaquim Corominas and Pep Puig (lecturers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and founding partners of the cooperative Ecotecnia), and its aim was to develop European projects providing education in energy.

Over time, the entity began to focus on advisory services in the fields of renewable energies, the efficient use of energy, and energy poverty.

Two of the founders, Pep Puig and Joaquim Corominas, are still on the Board of Directors, working respectively as its secretary and its spokesperson.

Xavier Traver, Joaquim Corominas and Pep Puig found Ecoserveis in Barcelona.
Organisation of the I Forum of Sustainable Energy.
We reach the new century with consolidated participation in European projects.
Energy efficiency and renewable energies become two of our main areas of work.
We become pioneers in stimulating public debate about energy poverty.
We co-organise the first Catalan Congress on Energy Poverty.
We celebrate our first 25 years!




At Ecoserveis we aim to disseminate public information truthfully and objectively, to ensure that it is up to date and disseminated in a consistent manner, to organise it by subjects in a way that allows easy understanding and quick access that is also simple and intuitive, to facilitate its consultation and to observe the principle of universal disclosure (accessibility for everyone).

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